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We are a creative team with expertise in design, architecture, styling, photography,
construction project management, purchasing, logistics, brand building,
flow optimization, ~ & selling services.

Before each project we put together a specialist team of the skills that are in demand
for that particular assignment.
We take pride in, ~ & love to find individual solutions, which means that our design
and our solutions are always unique and customized for each project.
We do both private homes and public interiors.
No assignment is too small for us.

We are treasure-hunters traveling the world to find unique items and hidden gems
in corners of the world forgotten by others.
We create our own design, born to life where recycled materials from demolitions,
flooring, boats, doors, glass and oil drums meet
fresh linen, supple leather, natural materials like shells & sandstone,
and refined & hand-crafted ceramics.

The Love Warrior products can be found in our web shop, the environments we build,
or they are specifically requested, ~ & purchased only for you or your store.

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